So why choose sugar?

So why sugaring? Sugar is an alternative to traditional wax. A better alternative!

When I realised there was such a demand for hair removal done well, I wanted to keep ahead of the game and find new and innovative ways of removing the most hair in the most comfortable way possible for my clients. Introducing sugaring!! I cover all female body parts including upper lip, arms, legs, bikini and more and of course my most popular treatment – the Brazilian!

Brazilians (either with or without a landing strip) are my most popular treatments by far, I remove hair from every nook and cranny day in day out, so please don’t be shy or nervous. Sugaring is a more comfortable way of removing hair from this area, so give it a try – what have you got to lose? Lots of unwanted hair that’s what!

Using the finest organic ethically sourced sugar, the paste removes hair by the root and in the direction of hair growth so you’re looking at less breakage, irritation discomfort. Additionally, sugar’s small molecule size is able to remove fine hair as short as 1/8 inch (approx 10 days growth). The lukewarm sugar only attaches to the unwanted hair and dead skin cells giving you smooth, exfoliated skin, and overall more pleasant experience.

I am proud to have been trained by the most awesome Sugarista, Stephanie King of Tamara’s Sugar. I can also train you to become a Sugarista, contact me to find out more!

The brand of paste I use is Tamara’s, imported from the USA it’s certified organic and fair trade, and vegan.

So, if you are asking, where can I go to get sugared near me, look no further! And you can find articles I’ve written about the treatment below….


Sugarista in the House!