In salon I’m proud to use Tamara’s Organic Sugar Paste, and also the pre-treatment and post-treatment products to make sure I’m giving my clients the absolute best products and results.

Tamara’s is certified organic, fair trade, vegan and it’s Leaping Bunny approved.

You can also buy products to keep your skin healthy, smooth, soft and supple in between appointments. This in turn will also prime your skin for easier and more effective hair removal at your appointment!

You may recognise the Soothing Oil as I often use it to sooth the skin following a Brazilian as it contains 9 different healing oils. It can be used anywhere on the body or face.


My favourite product during lockdown has been Body Soothe Lotion (which is the retail version of the After Sugar Lotion I use in salon) – I’ve had extra time to exfoliate and moisturise more regularly, and I have fallen in love with this lotion! I’ve used it on clients from day one, but never really regularly on myself, and I wish I’d tried it sooner! Its so light yet nourishing, gentle yet super softening, it has very little scent to it so it doesn’t overpower or interfere with any fragrance you may wear. Love it!


You can shop the whole range using the link below, and if you need any help choosing the best option for your skin type then just get in touch, I’ll be happy to guide you.

As a bonus, you can save 10% off purchase price using my exclusive code SUGARSTUDIO at the checkout! Just click this link below ↓


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