My name is Emma and I’m an over-plucker. Not anymore I hasten to add as I’ve learnt my lesson, and 90’s slim brows are not flattering.

I know there are many like me as they come to my salon with the same brows – no judgement here as there’s a very good and valid reason for this…….




Because if it was good enough for Pammie, Drew and Gwen then it was good enough for us too! Right?! Who’s with me?!

So, I know lots of you can relate to how I spent my 90’s, pluck pluck plucking my bushy brows. If only I’d had a glimpse into the future and realised that I’d feel such remorse. I mean I know its only brows, and in the grand scheme of things they’re not the be all and end all, but in terms of altering your face then they’re kind of a big deal.

So what can we do to remedy this? Well, I’ve been through the HD Brow regrowth programme myself, which entails letting your brows grow out – yep no plucking. In fact throw your tweezers away, you have to go cold turkey with this.

Once you’ve at least 3 weeks worth of growth you’re ready for your first HD Brow treatment.

A bit of background – I initially trained as an HD Brow Stylist and went on to achieve Pro level, I attend regular refresher courses with HD Brows as I pride myself in offering the best HD Brow treatment possible, and keeping my skills bang up to date.

So, during your HD Brow treatment your brows are tinted – this brings out all the fine fluffy hairs you didn’t even know were there, enabling me to work these now visible hairs into your finished brow shape. And also of course tints any greys. 

They are then waxed, threaded, trimmed and tweezed into shape.

Finally I show you how to use make-up (whether that be pencil, powder or brow creme) to create the effect of fuller more shapely brows – fake it til you make it!

I’ve written a more in-depth blog about the treatment with pictures and step-by-step info here

Here’s how these fabulous women look now – I’m guessing that each of them has grown their brows out, and then helped them along with some natural make-up – and honestly anyone can achieve this when you have the tools and knowledge, and that’s where I can help.









Feel free to give me a call, or take a look at some of the transformations on my Facebook and Instagram pages to see examples of the difference good brows can make. You’ll also see here that contrary to popular belief it’s not about giving everyone the same thick black blocky brows – it’s absolutely about getting a great shade and shape for YOU, we go through a consultation first to ensure we’re working from the same page and you get the look you have in mind.

I look forward to seeing you at Junction Beauty soon,

Emma xx