According to Google Maps I live in a field. 

We moved house 8 weeks ago and I’ve tried to keep the move as seamless as possible for my clients, but if you’re like me with no sense of direction whatsoever I’ve done a step by step guide to finding me. I’ve made it look and sound much more complicated than it really is, but best to give too much info than not enough I think (again I’m going by my own terrible sense of direction and it’s no reflection on you guys, but shout out to those who get easily lost like me!! I feel your pain and confusion in these pesky new build sites!)

So whilst walking the dogs this morning I took some photos on the way home to help guide you to your wax/sugar/brow appointment 🙂

The address is:

17 Lynnwood Drive
Wynyard Park
TS22 5FQ

I have added “Junction Beauty” to Google maps, and if that works great!! But if it doesn’t show up then use the following directions:

Type “Hanzard Drive” into your sat nav to bring you to the estate. Once on Hanzard Drive you’ll see the Venator building to your left, and next you’ll see the Avant marketing suite also on the left.

I’m in an Avant home so if you end up in Story homes you’re in the wrong place! On this road Avant are on the left, Story on the right.

Follow the road past the marketing suite until you see building works straight ahead.

Take the last turn on the left (the house on the corner is 41 Bloomfield Drive with a red door) and there is a black road sign saying “Lynnwood Drive”.

The road then bends round to the right – this is Lynnwood Drive.

In front of you will be a large grassed area and my house backs onto the trees on the left – the first left is a dead end, you need to take the next left.

We have a green front and garage door, and I’ve put a sign in the window saying 17 Lynnwood Drive!

See you soon, call me if you get lost, although the phone signal isn’t great here, or if you speak to one of the guys on site we’re plot 95.

Emma @ Junction Beauty xx