Did I mention that I’m HD Brows trained to Pro level? Those of you who have visited Junction Beauty will know I’m passionate about what I do – I love to keep learning and striving to be the best for you lovely lot. I take pride in my work and I know that unless I do a good job then you won’t keep coming back. So it’s a win win for both of us! You get a therapist who regularly attends training classes, which in turn ensures you get the most up to date techniques and products, and of course beautiful brows. I get to provide excellent service and keep you all coming back – no brainer really!
A bit of info about HD Brows training process – initially you train to HD Brow Sylist level, learning the foundations and knowledge to go forth and create beautiful brows. Many brow stylists stay at this level (indicated by one star on the HD Brows salon finder page). HD recommend refresher classes every year and although not compulsory they are great for honing skills and correcting bad habits. I did mine last year. The next level is Pro Stylist (the level I’m at now) it’s all about giving your technical expertise a boost, and my being able to demonstrate experience and advanced techniques – HD Brow trainers review and develop performance, offer helpful critiques and I also learned how to thread in a new way, and speed wax brows. I completed this in June this year, so my next move is to go for the Master Stylist assessment in 2018 where again my skills will be assessed and they will teach me how to bleach brows.

You can never learn less; you can only learn more.

High Definition Brows sets a minimum price of £25 for the HD Brow treatment, this is to ensure that you get the benefit of a couture bespoke treatment by a fully trained technician using ONLY HD Brows products. Some stylists as they invest in further training and gain higher qualifications increase their price. I’ve chosen to keep mine at £25 until I complete my Master assessment. 
The HD Brow treatment is so much more that a run of the mill tint and wax, I hear so often how ladies have been to brow bars to be waxed/threaded and have never been consulted as to how they want their brows to look, and a one-size-fits-all mentality is used as it’s offered at a cheap price and they want you in and out of their chair as quickly as possible.
A trained HD Brow stylist will always carry out a comprehensive consultation to establish tone, shape, fullness, and overall expectations from the client, that’s why this treatment is head and shoulders above a quick tint and wax.
So if you’re ready to embark on your brow journey get in touch, I’ll get you patch tested and we’ll make a plan!
Emma xx