What is a Brazilian? How long does a Brazilian take? Does it hurt? Is it embarrassing? Can I still be sugared if I’m on my period? No matter what your query or concern, I’ve got it covered….

Let’s get straight to the point, no point beating around the bush…

 “What is a Brazilian?”

A Brazilian is where all hair is removed front and back, so that’s the labia, underneath and round the back. Including butt cheeks and butt crack. You can choose to leave a landing strip at the front, just let me know before we start.


How long does a Brazilian take?

A standard Brazilian appointment is 30 minutes. This includes enough time to get unchanged and changed again. Regular clients who find their regrowth becomes sparse can be in and out within 20 minutes.


Does a Brazilian hurt?

I won’t lie, it’s not going to tickle, but with the method I use I promise it will be the most comfortable Brazilian or bikini treatment you’ll ever have. Many first timers find that it isn’t as bad as they’d anticipated, and the majority become regulars. If you’re a Brazilian newbie you’ll likely arrive at the salon a bit nervous, and anxious about the prospect of baring all and if it’s going to hurt. As they say, nothing is ever as bad as you think. It’s all worth it, so my advice would be to try and relax, and remember that I do this day-in-day-out, and it takes only a few minutes to have you beautifully hair-free and smooth. When you return for your next appointment 4-6 weeks later you’ll be amazed at how much more comfortable having the regrowth removed is, as your hair grows back finer and more sparse. So the first time is a case of sucking it up, knowing it only gets easier!

I was left bruised/grazed following a Brazilian at another salon…

Some therapists use strip wax (the type where the wax is wiped on with a spatula and removed with a piece of waxing paper) or they don’t get a good stretch on the skin. Either way this can be the cause of bruising/grazing. If you’ve had a bad experience in the past, please don’t think that all intimate waxes and sugaring treatments are the same. Sugar paste is applied at body temperature so there is no danger of discomfort or burns.

Can I still get a Brazilian during my period?

Yes. You may prefer to wear a tampon, and I will work around the string or you can tuck the string inside for the treatment.

Is having a Brazilian embarrassing?

No. It’s really not. I’m not embarrassed in the slightest, and you shouldn’t be either. Like I said I do this every day and have hundreds of hair-free treatments under my belt for many regular clients.

Now I’m going to be really honest with you, because it’s something I hear often, so it may be a concern you have too…..

Sometimes first-time clients are nervous because they think they are “different” down there, or not as neat as they think they should be. Or you may have stretch marks. The list goes on for the barriers we put in our way of feeling beautiful. Let me tell you now that whatever your concern its ALL normal. And I’ve sugared all these different types of normal too. Because we’re all beautiful in our own unique way, so why not celebrate that and whip that hair off to see it in all it’s glory!

If you have any queries or concerns not covered here please do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you,

Emma xx