Hands up, who only gets waxed or sugared before going on holiday? 🙋‍♀️

But, did you know, that to get the best results from your wax or sugar treatment, you need to plan ahead?

It takes around 3 sessions which should be approximately 4-6 weeks apart to get best results.


The reason for this is you have THOUSANDS of individual hairs on your body, and each of these little hairs will be at different growth stages at your first appointment. Some will be a few weeks old, some a few days, and some just under the skin waiting to come through.

So, although sugaring removes visible hair, there’ll be some just waiting to pop through in the next few days.

With regular sugaring over time, the hair growth cycle becomes synchronised, with all the hairs being at the same stage.

This means they all grow in together and get removed together. Once a hair is removed by the root, it will be a few weeks before a new hair is formed and starts to appear. Additionally each time a hair is removed, the follicle and sheath weaken and can’t grow strong hair, meaning the regrowth is fine and wispy.

So if you want to stay hair free for the whole of your holiday and beyond, start early and get into a schedule a couple of months before you go 👙

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Emma xx